Love Is Our Identity


Rev. Ron Anderson

Love is Our Identity

John 13:34-35

  1. Love A New Command.
  2. How has Jesus Loved Us?

Three truths about how much we need to express love to other Christians this week:

1) Authentic love is unconditional if it’s expression. Nothing is attached to authentic love, no demands etc.

Q: Do you withhold your love until someone lives up to your standards or do people feel unconditionally loved by you or are they constantly trying to gain your acceptance?

2) Authentic love is unselfish in its motive.

Q: Do you love others manipulatively, to get your own way or for what you will get in return? True love gives without getting anything in return.  It’s a FREE gift, like Salvation.

3) Authentic love is unlimited in its benefits.

Q: Do you love so all people win where others are built up, and blessed, encourage, and renewed in faith, but so are you!?  Are you vulnerable in your love?  No pay backs or loyalties expected from others.