Abide In Me

February 18, 2018

Rev. Ron Anderson

I. Jesus states the facts of our existence. vs 1-11

2 Key words (1. Abide/Remain 2. Fruit)

3 Key players (Jesus – the vine; God – the gardener; Us – the branches)

4 Blessings of abiding/remaining (Prayer vs 7; God glorified vs 8; Life motivated by love vs 9-10; Joy in abundance vs 11)

II. Jesus makes his command. vs 12-17

Applications: Essential characteristics of our identity found in abiding in Jesus Christ.

  1. Self-sacrifice that is a result of being a real friend.
  2. Obedience that is a result of trusting that Jesus our friend has our best future for us.
  3. We know what Jesus knows – Jesus tells us all, he keeps no secrets = authenticity as our friend.
  4. Maximum productivity – as he promises if we abide (as friends) he will produce, some, much and more fruit in our lives!